Next meeting Tuesday 8th March

Just a reminder about our next session……..

New stuff
  • Da Doo Ron ron – The Crystals…Marlow Beginners book page 22
  • You Can’t Aways get what you want – Rolling Bones……Marlow Beginners book page 7
  • Five foot two eyes of Blue – Young and Henderson 1925…gotta love these 1920 songs they fit the ukulele so well. …….Marlow Book 2 page 1
  • Valerie – Amy Winehouse…Marlow Book 1 Page 26
  • Rawhide – in other section under songbooks


Looks again

  • Brother Jack –  while playing F
  • Clementine –  Marlow Beginners book page 7
  • Whole world in his hands – Marlow Beginners book page 2
  • The Drunken Sailor – Marlow Beginners book page 5



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