Next session 21st June

Besides the songs  we are going to look at how to structure your practice. this is the agenda.

  • He’s got the whole world in his hands v1.5  – MUG Beginners page 2
  • Happy Birthday –  its on the website under songbooks s try to learn it by heart
  • Practise – left hand exercises
  • 12 bar blues – learn by heart the chord sequence for the key of C (1st- C, 4th – F, 5th – G)
  • Save the last dance for me – MUGS Beginners page 26
  • Stand By me –  Ben  E King –   Mug Book 1 Page
  • Erin Solo –  Country roads Mug Book 4 Page 23
  • Rock Around the clock Mug Beginners Page 14
  • I wanna be like you MUGS Book 1 page 14
  • Things  –  Under other songs on the website
  • Hi Ho Silver lining Mug Book 5 Page 4

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