A suggestion for your Practise

his is not definitive just a suggestion. we all need to work on issues we have but don’t let these issues or problems rule your practice. try to find a structure that works for you.

As a suggestion if you have time:
  1. tune your uku with your reference –  IOS or andriod app, or dedicated tuner. strings number from the ground up. 1 is tuned to A, 2 – E, 3 – C, 4 – G
  2. Strum a simple chord sequence –  like Teenager in Love –  C, Am, F, G strum with index finger down strokes, then down up strokes, then use the thumb (You could also use 12 bar blues)
  3. Thumb pick or Finger pick– hold the uku in the crook of your elbow or use a strap.   anchor your fingers on the sound board and play thumb strokes on each string. then play thumb down strokes and walk your left hand (thats right hand for our left handed friends) fingers up the 4th string starting at the first fret, leave fingers on the string, when all 4 are down move to the next string. Then put all fingers on a string, thumb pick as you lift them off one by one then move to the next string. Do this slowly the idea is to get independent finger movement and accuracy with the right hand thumb.
  4. play a couple song you know with music
  5. Start a new song from music you don’t know play the first line of a song, then tomorrow play the next line etc.
  6. Play a song you know from memory, Happy Birthday, Clementine  da, da it is you can’t remember the words.
If you don’t have time: –  make sure you leave your uku out of the case and have it to hand all day long. Leave it in the car so you take 5 minutes before going into work/visiting friends. Leave it by the front door so every time you go to leave the house you pick it up . A few minutes a day will work wonders.
Try just one of these:

  • play a chord sequence you know, da,da the words to the tune,
  • do the RH thumb picking and walking fingers exercise
  • Practice that difficult chord change e.g F to Bb a couple of times

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