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Diminished Chords

Don’t get confused by the myriad of Diminished Chord names.  You just need to know three shapes

Each of these chords shapes have different names depending on what key the music is in at the time its being used.   So the C#dim chord shape above  is also called Bbdim, Edim, Gdim.  Don’t get hung up on this!

So when you see a Diminished chord in the music and don’t recognise the chord name, just try one of these three shapes if its doesn’t sound quite right pick another, remember there are no ukulele police in my sessions so just keep trying the 3 shapes until you pick the one that sounds right to you.

Diminished Chords Shapes

Keep practicing the Finger walking and try TAB Smile or BBC Get playing

I know we have touched on Tab, If you are keen to try don’t forget you can always see if we could Facetime or Skype so I can get you going. next Month I’ll touch on this again in our sessions so get some practice in early.

I good one I’ve found is SMILE, Ukulele Mike see youtube, does a good arrangement and a tutorial. have a go of the first few bars.

Smile tab

If you are a feeling a bit more classical the BBC are trying to pull  together a virtual Orchestra playing Bizets Toreador song go to

Then click music , select the ukulele and download the tab and music. try the two main themes bars 1-5 an bars 36-40.  You can also upload it to be selected to be in the virtual Orchestra.