C Pentatonic scale

Ok so during our session 7 Feb we practiced

  • Using our thumb to play the various open string.
  • We even used our thumb to do our finger walking starting on the 4th string till all 4 fingers were on the string, them moved to the 3rd, 2nd, 1st
  • Then with all of our 4 fingers on the 1st string we lifted them off one by one to walk down to an open 4th String

So what this to do with scales. you know I’m keen to get you playing without music! in one of our future session I’ll get some folks playing  12 Bar Blues in C and then a you can improvise using the notes of the C Pentatonic over the top – sounds too good to be true but it works. So go over the C pentatonic scale.

Play the individual string –

  1. open C- 3rd string with your thumb as we have just learned that.
  2. C string 2nd Fret – this gives you a D note
  3. open E string- 2nd string
  4. E string 3rd fret –  this gives you a G note
  5. open A string
  6. A string 3rd fret – giving a C note

so there is a pattern emerging C pentatonic:

open, 2fret, open, 3rd fret, open 3rd fret.


So give it a try, mail me if you have any problems. T





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