We are a Ukulele group for Woodley, Winnersh, Wokingham, and surrounding areas. Our players are from complete beginners to seasons player. The sessions are held typically every two weeks for to socialise, play ukulele and sing songs. “No Strings Attached Ukulele” Group began out of an idea Terry Deacon had to have provide a forum to play ukulele and sing in the Woodley area. In February 2016 and the group was formed supported by Wokingham Cricket Club who provided the venue and bar! Although Terry and the group have recently moved to the The British Legion at Winnersh the group continues to attract new players at the fortnightly session. The group decide from the start to play gigs. They have played at parties, BBQs, Bisham Abbey for a day with disadvantaged children meeting with Princess Anne, even to a 1000 people at the Rebellion Brewery joining with The Marlow Ukulele Group. Although we have a lot of fun at these more public events the groups core gigs are playing to folks to help raise funds for their charities or just to try to share the love we have for the ukulele at centres supporting dementia, the terminally ill or special needs adults and children. The kick the group gets out of playing to these groups is uplifting. They often see people with memory issues surprising everyone by singing along to the Beatles or Cliff Richard songs or special needs kids just dancing to the music. “No Strings Attached” definitely have a laugh, oh….. and enjoy playing the ukulele!