Fats Domino’s Birthday 26 Feb 1929

I forgot all about this , so at the next session we will do Kansas City. I’ve added it to the songbook section, what ever next 12 bar blues in C on the uku!.

Give it a go playing along to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9O8XjZTrp4




I’ve included a starter songbook under “What’s Next” to give us something to play.

For those starting out I’ll add another songbook soon, if you don’t have an ukulele or cant beg, steal or borrow one, don’t dash out and buy one, I would prefer you come to the session so you can try out the different types and sizes of ukulele, then buy.

By all means take a look at what is available, there are a couple of shops mentioned in the “Resources/links” most folks start with a soprano or a concert size, but tenor is an option. Sorry don’t really know anything about the Baritone.  No need to have a solid wood one, although they are great to play and look at, laminate ones are perfectly ok, plastic ones as cheap, typically found in schools these days (what no recorder? I hear you say)  –  as with most things, you get what you pay for!