Last nights meeting

Well done for getting through all those songs! I have to say our version of Rawhide was pretty good. our next meeting is next week  check the calendar.

Ive sent an email this morning to all the emails I have, I know some of you are missing. If you can give me your email via contact me on this website I can get you on the distribution list.

see you next week


Next meeting Tuesday 8th March

Just a reminder about our next session……..

New stuff
  • Da Doo Ron ron – The Crystals…Marlow Beginners book page 22
  • You Can’t Aways get what you want – Rolling Bones……Marlow Beginners book page 7
  • Five foot two eyes of Blue – Young and Henderson 1925…gotta love these 1920 songs they fit the ukulele so well. …….Marlow Book 2 page 1
  • Valerie – Amy Winehouse…Marlow Book 1 Page 26
  • Rawhide – in other section under songbooks


Looks again

  • Brother Jack –  while playing F
  • Clementine –  Marlow Beginners book page 7
  • Whole world in his hands – Marlow Beginners book page 2
  • The Drunken Sailor – Marlow Beginners book page 5


First meeting

Thanks to everyone , I think there was about 16 of us. Hope the fingers are not too sore this morning! Well done everybody for giving it a go. Beginners keep that C, G practice going and well done for doing the muted strum during the City of New Orleans train song, a lot of new stuff for you but you all coped right?   Tom thanks and well done for the solo on Breakfast at Tiffanys. Next meetings will be in the calendar. Finally thanks Karen and Marion from Wokingham Cricket Club for the venue and opening the bar.