First meeting

Thanks to everyone , I think there was about 16 of us. Hope the fingers are not too sore this morning! Well done everybody for giving it a go. Beginners keep that C, G practice going and well done for doing the muted strum during the City of New Orleans train song, a lot of new stuff for you but you all coped right?   Tom thanks and well done for the solo on Breakfast at Tiffanys. Next meetings will be in the calendar. Finally thanks Karen and Marion from Wokingham Cricket Club for the venue and opening the bar.


Unicef ukulele festival Saturday 27th Feb 2016

A grand ukulele festival from 11.00 to 17.00, workshops, mass strum-alongs, open mics, featured acts, stalls, snacks, teas, coffees, bar… and a fabulous evening concert with Phil Dolman, Elof Wamberg, Ukolade and Hamish Currie. From 19.00

Saturday 27th February, 2016

Berkhamsted Civic Centre, Civic Centre, 161-163 High St, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire HP4 3HD, UK

All ages welcome

Entry will be by donation. We suggest that each adult might like to contribute £5

Tickets for the evening concert are now available!

Hosted by BURP (Berkhamsted Ukulele Random Players)




I’ve included a starter songbook under “What’s Next” to give us something to play.

For those starting out I’ll add another songbook soon, if you don’t have an ukulele or cant beg, steal or borrow one, don’t dash out and buy one, I would prefer you come to the session so you can try out the different types and sizes of ukulele, then buy.

By all means take a look at what is available, there are a couple of shops mentioned in the “Resources/links” most folks start with a soprano or a concert size, but tenor is an option. Sorry don’t really know anything about the Baritone.  No need to have a solid wood one, although they are great to play and look at, laminate ones are perfectly ok, plastic ones as cheap, typically found in schools these days (what no recorder? I hear you say)  –  as with most things, you get what you pay for!