Tonights session @ Shepherds House

I’m back from hols, hope to see you all there.

  1. Basic beginners chords C, AM, F, G7 and Strum
  2. Whole world in his hands –  Marlow Beginners p2 ( advanced players learn the C and G chord a different position and play)
  3. The Drunken Sailor – Marlow Beginners p5
  4. Save the Last Dance for me –  Beginners p26
Main session

  1. Sounds spainish – A, Dm, C, Bb
  2. Things – NSA Gig list v1.2
  3. Valerie- -NSA Gig list V1.2
  4. The Bare Necessities –  NSA Gig List v1.2
  5. Smile -NSA Gig List v1.2
  6. Putting on the style – NSA Gig List v1.2
  7. Be my Baby – NSA Gig List v1.2
  8. Can’t take my eyes off of you – NSA Gig Listv1.2
  9. Hi Ho Silver Lining – NSA Gig List

12 bar Blues in C where next

So we have the 12 bar blues in C sorted and a C major pentatonic  scale improvised over the top.

We can do the same improvisation with the C minor pentatonic and the C Blues scale.

The C minor pentatonic:

Play this

C string –  Open, 3rd fret

E string – 1st fret, 3rd fret

A string – 1st fret, 3rd fret

Pattern is

starting on C string


E string 1-3

A string 1-3


There is one more step to the C Blues scale, add in the E string 2nd fret

The pattern becomes

Starting on C string


E string 0-2-3

A string 0-3

Try this over a C blues backing track..